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Sunset of Mankind?

    This planet has enough for all of us.
   All Humans are free and equal.
   We have the authority and the resposibility to decide.
   We can choose to share or to deny.
   Planet Earth can be Eden for all of us.

   Its up to you and me, lets end suffering here and now.

This website is created to take a positive act, to create awareness that we depend on eachother.
We are not in competition. We are one. This website promotes nor discards any religion or opinion. It may become a place where we can share wisdom and insights to make this world a better place.
We just want to look eachother in the eye and realise that we need eachother to create happyness and end suffering.
All visitors are invited to give their contribution to nurture respect, compassion and solidarity.
Selections of contributions will be posted on this site in the weblogs.
The first contribution is the above painting (size 60x120cm) a highres copy can be found under DOWNLOADS..
It may look confrontational, but the story of Eden and the vision of paradise on earth is shared by muslims, jews and christians. The description is found in the Thora, the Bible and the Qor'an in identical wording.
This vision teaches us that if we ignore the teachings of love and sharing, and just take for our own benefit, we have to live outside the garden of Eden.
If we turn that around, to a positive statement, we can create paradise on earth.
All it takes is just a small step.
So even to people that are not religious this vision can be a moral appeal.

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