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 Here a number of "Rays of light" that were pointed out to us and are
 an example of what can be achieved when we realise that
                                                 We are one,
                                                 We can end suffering.
                                                 On any scale !

  a very touching initiative:                     OthandWeni
OthandweniChildren          Logo
 Please look at their web site, its easy to transfer them money or
 become regular donor .

The Othandweni
 programme delivers a holistic service to youth at risk in the inner city of Johannesburg.

Basic Care and promoting human rights
Annually 20 female and 20 male youth are taken off the streets and placed in the 10-month Entrepreneurial training programme. Skills- and self development training is presented. Youth who need less intervention will be referred to the training programmes of Entuthukweni. A follow-up period of a year follows the training period assisting graduates to find employment. During the training and follow-up period the youth are assisted with social relief e.g. accommodation, food, clothing etc.
Outreach workers do outreaches to the streets and build relationships with the children/youth on the streets. Individual Development Plans are drawn up for each child/youth. A drug rehabilitation programme is available. Two meals per day are provided from the drop-in centre. Shower and washing facilities are available. Family preservation is done to reunite youth with their families. Assistance is given to youth who are in conflict with the law and the Family Group Conference diversion programme is implemented.

For  (small) donations from the Netherlands
                      it is possible to transfer money to
                      the Dutch bank account of
                      Othandweni : 580486702, Veldhoven, NL

For international money transfers pls use:
                     Account name: Othandweni
                     Bank: ABSA Parktown
                                 15 Wellington Rd,
                    Account no.:   324 014 5080
                    Branch Code: 632 005
                    Swift Code:     ABSAZAJJ
 For more info on Johannesburg click: LOGO

Next example I would like to show you:
           Medicins sans Frontiers  
 or :
          "Artsen zonder Grenzen"  MSF-Nederland

   A large professional organisation that shows
   courage, determination and organising skills.
   Is allways impartial, comes in first and leaves last
   when a disaster has occurred.
   Providing immediate Medical care, Food & Shelter.
   Please take your time and visit their website,
   and perhaps become a donor like me.

Take a leap, dare spreading a little positivism.
You'll not be alone, I promis.

For reactions, tips & questions pls mail to: