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 Sunset of Mankind?

August 16, 2006
Dear Friends,
You may concider this message as spam,
but I would like to ask your participation for a positive action.

After the bloodbath at Qana I felt completely powerless and exhausted.
I took my energy and created attached paiting which is a cry to humanity to rethink their actions.
The painting was ready on the morning of the ceasefire..........

So I like to think that these events could be related.

Next to this I created a website as a platform for positive action.
The site is currently quite simple, but I hope with your help it will grow.
And with more people spending energy on positve thoughts maybe the world slowly becomes a better place.

The painting will be up for auction soon, the revenue will be send to
Medicins Sans Frontiers (Artsen zonder grenzen).

I would like to invite you to visit the website, and leave your comments.
Further, If you agree that this planet could be paradise for all humans an animals, pls forward this message to all who might help this initiative to grow.

I whish you all the best,
lots of respect, compassion and solidarity.

Yours truly Postmaster at    

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